Ziguang Zhanrui launches 5G CPE below 1,000 yuan, will you buy it?

On the afternoon of February 26, Ziguang Zhanrui held an online press conference and launched its second-generation 5G SoC product, the Tiger Ben T7520. At the same time, Ziguang Zhanrui also announced the launch of a 5G CPE product.

According to reports, this 5G CPE product is jointly customized by UNISOC and China Unicom, and has achieved many industry firsts: the world’s first VoNR 5G CPE, the world’s first eSIM+ physical card 5G CPE, the world’s first 5G CPE below 1,000 yuan 5G CPE. The expected price is 999 yuan.

This 5G CPE is equipped with UNISOC’s first 5G multi-mode baseband chip – Ivy V510. The Ivy V510 is UNISOC’s first 5G multi-mode chip based on the Makalu 5G dedicated technology platform. It has technical advantages such as high integration, high performance and low power consumption, and can automatically adapt to 5G NSA and SA dual-module networks. The Ivy V510 supports mainstream 5G frequency bands such as n78/n41/n79, basically achieving full network coverage, and will bring hundreds of millions of users a truly wireless ultra-fiber broadband experience. In addition to the high rate of data, voice calls are also the focus of 5G technology, and Ivy V510 can support VoNR voice call plans.

Wang Qiming, General Manager of China Unicom Terminal and Channel Support Center and General Manager of China Unicom Huasheng Communications Co., Ltd., said: “China Unicom has always been network-oriented, built the ultimate 5G boutique network, and insisted on promoting the “four modernizations” of 5G terminals. During the epidemic, China Unicom has realized the rapid implementation of 5G applications such as 5G unmanned medical care, 5G remote office, and 5G health detection, making important contributions to the fight against the epidemic. The 5G CPE released by China Unicom and UNISOC will also promote the large-scale application of 5G in the future. We are willing to work with important partners in the new ecology of the 5G terminal industry chain to devote ourselves to technological innovation and empower the development of the industry.”

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