Will Apple’s Spring New Product Launch Conference Be Cancelled? iPhone9 or directly on the shelves

It was previously reported that Apple will bring a follow-up Model of the iPhone SE, which may be named as the iPhone 9, at the spring new product launch event at the end of this month. However, judging from the current situation of the spread of the epidemic in the United States, the situation cannot be objective.

According to foreign media reports, due to the impact of the new crown virus, it is very likely that the official will cancel the event. The main reason is because Santa Clara County, where Cupertino, where Apple Park is located, is located, has banned all gatherings of more than 1,000 people. The ban lasted from March 11 to April 1, which may be an important factor in Apple’s cancellation of this spring conference.

If Apple’s spring conference is confirmed to be cancelled, the iPhone 9 may be sold directly on Apple’s official website, but due to production capacity reasons, the iPhone 9 may be out of stock in the early stage of sales.

Combined with the news previously exposed on the Internet, the appearance of the iPhone 9 is almost identical to that of the iPhone 8, and the rear camera module on the back of the fuselage is also maintained as a single camera. The hardware configuration may use a 4.7-inch LCD material screen, equipped with A13 main control and 3GB memory, and provide two storage space options of 64GB and 128GB. Guess the price of its 64GB version may be $399, and the 128GB version is $449, which will be the lowest-priced model in the iPhone product line.

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