Weilai: Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Metro China

On March 30, NIO and Metro cooperated on the construction of charging and swapping stations, and held a signing ceremony at the NIO House in the center of Shanghai. The two parties will establish a long-term strategic partnership to create development opportunities.

According to the content of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will deepen cooperation in the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure, and NIO will build charging and swapping stations in some Metro malls nationwide.

In addition, according to NIO’s plan, the first second-generation power station has been mass-produced. Compared with the first-generation technology, the number of single-station batteries in the second-generation power station has increased to 13, and the service efficiency has increased by three times, with the highest daily 312 battery swaps can be completed. According to the previous plan, the number of NIO power stations will be completed within the year to 500. It will be online in mid-April. NIO will speed up the deployment of power stations and provide users with a more convenient way to replenish energy. It is believed that through this cooperation with Metro, the second-generation power exchange station may be the first to be deployed in Metro in the future.

Weilai has been in the construction of charging and swapping stations for a long time. The birth of charging and swapping stations has given car owners one more choice, and they can also choose to swap batteries while charging. In December 2020, NIO and State Grid Electric signed the “In-depth Cooperation Framework Agreement on Charging and Swapping and Energy Services”. The agreement shows that the two parties will fully integrate their respective advantageous resources, actively explore vehicle and charging business Model innovation, and develop charging and swapping stations. Co-construction, car network interaction and other cooperation; On February 2, 2021, Weilai and Red Star Macalline signed a framework agreement on deepening strategic cooperation. It is expected that in 2021, Weilai will receive Red Star Macalline’s site construction and online operation support. A total of 60 charging and swapping stations will be built nationwide; on March 19, Weilai and the first industry and trade company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of charging and swapping stations and vehicle customer service business at the Beijing Future Center.

Compared with the traditional charging mode, the battery swap mode is not only more efficient, but also can solve the problem of charging parking spaces. In addition, the separation of vehicle and electricity can greatly reduce the user’s car purchase cost. Because the cost of the power battery can account for 40% of the cost of the new energy vehicle, users who use battery leasing can buy a car without buying a battery, and pay the battery lease fee every month. Implemented, you no longer have to spend high costs on batteries. However, due to the high cost of battery swapping stations and the non-uniform battery standards and production processes of various car companies, the battery swapping mode has not yet been widely popularized.

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