Under the epidemic situation, the Dawning EDU platform helps colleges and universities “suspend classes and keep learning”

Due to the need to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Ministry of Education has asked all localities to delay the start of school. Colleges and universities are facing the problem of inter-provincial personnel mobility, and they have delayed the resumption of classes on a large scale. In order to ensure the academic progress of students, colleges and universities have successively started the work of “suspending classes without stopping” online to ensure the smooth progress of the academic progress.

Education does not stop because of the epidemic. In order to ensure the online teaching and research of colleges and universities during the epidemic prevention and control period, as a leading enterprise in the domestic information industry, Zhongke Sugon has once again announced the warm-hearted measures after opening the epidemic prevention and control investigation platform and epidemic investigation and reporting system for the government and enterprises free of charge. : From now until the resumption of classes in various regions of the country, the Dawning EDU big data and artificial intelligence training platform will be opened to college teachers and students across the country for free, providing them with remote online teaching services and delivering classes to teachers and students’ homes.


One-to-one service, air class delivered to home

Since the Ministry of Education issued the notice of the postponement of the start of school in various regions during the Spring Festival, the Sugon big data team actively responded to the call to offer wisdom and suggestions, and decided to open the EDU platform to colleges and universities for free trial operation from February 6. After the news was released, it received a positive response, and many universities came to inquire about the opening of the EDU platform.

After learning about this situation, Dawning Company decisively made the decision to officially open for free nationwide, and urgently deployed manpower to carry out one-to-one service docking, so as to quickly promote the access of colleges and universities to the EDU platform.

In addition, Dawning staff also actively communicated closely with the counterparts in various colleges and universities to understand their needs for online teaching during the epidemic, and improved platform functions to meet the online classroom needs of colleges and universities.

Up to now, the EDU platform has received applications from dozens of universities including Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Yunnan University.

College teaching “doesn’t go offline”, Dawning platform “doesn’t go offline”

The EDU platform is a big data and artificial intelligence application platform independently developed by Dawning, which integrates teaching, experimentation, training and scientific research.

After accessing the EDU platform, colleges and universities around the world can use the big data and artificial intelligence curriculum system carefully created by the contracted expert group of Dawning University to formulate online courses that meet the school’s teachers and students; the platform is also equipped with first-line comprehensive cases and supporting teaching materials. The data and artificial intelligence training room is convenient for the teaching and scientific research of the corresponding disciplines in colleges and universities during the epidemic period to be closer to the practical operation.

Dawning Company solemnly promises that in order to ensure that scientific research and teaching in colleges and universities will not be dropped, the EDU platform will be kept offline 24/7, and engineers will always be on the front line. In addition, considering that the teachers and students of colleges and universities have insufficient tools and materials at home, the Dawning technical team will optimize and upgrade the EDU to ensure that users “only need a PC connected to the network to use” and effectively respond to online problems during the epidemic. Teaching problems.

Under the still severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Dawning is always with teachers and students in colleges and universities across the country, to accompany you to suspend classes without stopping, and to ensure safety and epidemic prevention. When the epidemic dissipates, I hope that the whole campus will be filled with laughter and laughter.

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