TSMC established a Japanese R&D center with half of the Japanese government’s investment

News on June 1, according to Japanese media reports, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan announced yesterday that it will support TSMC to establish a semiconductor R&D center in Japan, and will invest half of the cost, about 18.5 billion yen (about 1.076 billion yuan), aiming at advanced technology. Semiconductor technology research and development.

More than 20 well-known companies in the industry chain, including Shin-Etsu Chemical and Asahi Kasei, will also participate in the plan.

TSMC responded by saying that it is grateful for Japan’s official support and looks forward to working with Japanese partners to promote the advancement of semiconductor technology.

It is reported that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan has subsidized TSMC for two projects, one is the research and development of communication infrastructure in the post-5G era, and the other is the development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology. Participating companies include Japan’s Sony Semiconductor, Sumitomo, Showa Denko Materials and other companies, as well as institutions such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the University of Tokyo.

TSMC has accelerated its global layout in recent years, announced investment plans in the United States, mainland China, Japan and other places, and is negotiating with Europe. It is worth mentioning that TSMC’s Nanjing production expansion plan has caused a lot of controversy on Chinese social media. In the United States, TSMC has joined the American Semiconductor Alliance and will work with American companies such as Intel to fight for up to $50 billion in US semiconductor policy funds.

Source: C114 Communication Network

Author: Nanshan

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