The World Peace Group of the United Nations launched a motor driver solution based on ON Semiconductor NCP1632

On August 3, 2021, Dalian General Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary World Peace has launched a 1KW motor driver solution based on ON Semiconductor’s NCP1632 Interleaved PFC.

With the rapid development of energy saving, intelligence and informatization, motors are more and more widely used in the fields of automobiles, industry, smart home appliances, and smart cities. Especially in the industrial field, as a key component of industrial automation systems, motors play a central role in achieving energy savings. With the further development of the automation process, motor drives will become the backbone of future industrial facilities. Based on ON Semiconductor NCP1632 Interleaved PFC, the 1KW motor driver solution launched by Dalianda Shiping supports a variety of low-voltage motors, including brushed, brushless and stepper motors, and can provide isolated and high-performance operational amplifiers, So as to ensure the safety of electricity and the integrity of the system.

ON Semiconductor is focused on improving the efficiency of motor drive systems while providing design support for higher current, more precise control and more reliable systems. This complete motor drive solution, by combining leading MOSFETs, IGBTs, gate drivers and power modules, can meet the industry’s requirements for high-performance motor drives.

The main chip of this solution is ON Semiconductor’s NCP1632 two-phase interleaved power factor controller, which is packaged in SOIC8, and the circuit contains all the features required to build a robust and compact interleaved PFC segment, which can minimize external components . By design, the NCP1632 integrates a dual MOSFET driver for interleaved PFC applications. The staggered section consists of two small sections in parallel, so it has the characteristics of ease of use and heat dissipation. In addition, the two-phase interleaving method used by the NCP1632 extends the power range of the critical conduction mode, which can provide a higher level of efficiency for the product.

Core technical advantages:

⦁ Under full load conditions (including dynamic load), maintain 180-degree phase precise interactive switching;

⦁ DCM discontinuous conduction mode and CrM critical conduction mode operation;

⦁ Frequency Clamped Critical Conduction Mode to optimize full-load operating efficiency;

⦁ Frequency Fold-Back operation mode, reducing the operating frequency at light load, reducing switching loss and improving light load efficiency;

⦁ Accurate Zero Current Detection mechanism ensures that the MOSFET is turned on at a low voltage at the bottom of the valley and reduces the conduction loss;

⦁ Fast Line/Load Transient Compensation of the input voltage and output load drastic change compensation circuit to improve the system response speed;

⦁ The independent pfcOK Pin provides a signal to notify that the system has stabilized operation;

⦁ Output over-voltage and under-voltage protection (OVP/UVP);

⦁ Soft-Start mechanism to start the system smoothly and reduce the chance of damage to the switching elements;

⦁ Lead-free, halogen-free and compliant with EU hazardous substance control standards.

Program Specifications:

⦁ 850W motor drive solution with input 230Vac, with power factor correction (Power Factor Correction) and EMI filter circuit;

⦁ Based on Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC. platform, compatible with UCB (Universal Controller Board);

⦁ Using ON Semiconductor’s highly integrated module NFAQ1060LT36T, the built-in 3-phase high voltage Inverter is packaged in DIP-S3;

⦁ PFC circuit switching components use ON Semiconductor’s third-generation SuperJunction MOSFET FCPF125N65S3 NMOS and SiC (silicon carbide) Diode FFSPF1065A output rectifier diode;

⦁ DC/DC Converter provides 15Vdc auxiliary power supply voltage from ON Semiconductor Non-Isolated Buck Converter NCP1063;

⦁ 3-phase current detection adopts 3 sets of ON Semiconductor current operational amplifier IC NC32003;

⦁ Overcurrent protection circuit uses ON Semiconductor current comparator NCS2250.

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