On the afternoon of April 11, 2021, the “AI Turbulence·Hardware Transition 2021 Tablet Industry Empowerment Education Innovation Summit” jointly sponsored by Xinzhixun and Xinpaike was successfully concluded in the Narcissus Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This summit is an annual gathering of complete machines, solutions, OEM/ODM manufacturers, and upstream and downstream industry chains in the domestic tablet computer industry. live streaming.

The sudden epidemic in 2020 has made tablet computers unexpectedly popular. Different from previous entertainment applications, applications such as online education and office have also created a real demand for tablet products. There are indications that the re-emergence of tablet PCs is not a flash in the pan. However, the global supply chain crisis caused by “lack of cores and screens” also restricts the rapid development of the tablet computer industry. This summit responds to the situation, from the three major items of “chips, storage, and Display panels”, to complete terminals, solution providers, ODM/OEM providers, software providers, and then to communication module suppliers, targeted invitations To the entire vertical tablet computer industry chain. Speakers talked about the future trends of the tablet industry from different links and perspectives of the industry chain. In response to the hot stock shortage issues that the industry is concerned about, everyone spoke freely. On the one hand, they answered the tablet practitioners’ questions about the future capacity and stocking of the supply chain. On the other hand, from the perspective of technology suppliers, the future development direction and innovation points of tablet computer terminals are proposed. This summit is also an annual gathering of the tablet industry since the tablet market declined in 2014.

The tablet industry empowerment education innovation summit ended, and the 2021 education tablet annual list was announced

Rockchip showcases RK3566 educational tablet chip

At the summit, many manufacturers showed their latest products in the field of education. For example, Rockchip showed the RK3566 for education tablets, which supports face recognition, fingertip reading, sitting posture detection, voice noise reduction, etc. an algorithm. Li Pei, product director of the Education Division of BOE Yiyun Technology Co., Ltd., introduced its own brand of 21-inch E1 online class eye protection screen. It is expected that BOE will also launch a learning tablet this year, which will be shipped in June and July this year. Zeng Jian, general manager of the Arm product division of Pinwang Technology, launched a number of tablets based on Zhanrui Tiger Ben T7510 at the summit, including M201/201C and three-proof 5G tablet M102A. For brand customers, Pinwang Technology has launched a core board based on T7510, allowing partners to quickly develop products.

New 5G tablet products displayed by Pinwang Technology

In the field of education, Emdoor has launched a series of solutions such as Electronic class cards, conference tablets, and electronic whiteboards, as well as a light three-proof education tablet that supports waterproofing, dustproofing, and dropping. In terms of voice interaction, Emdoor and iFLYTEK jointly customized the second-generation Alpha Egg, as well as VR products for classroom learning.

Education tablet products displayed by Emdoor

As one of the guiding units of this summit, Mr. Du Heping, executive chairman of Shenzhen Computer Industry Association, believes that the more out of stock, the more domestic chips will usher in unprecedented opportunities, and the supply chain pattern with Chinese chips as the main body will be formed. Zeng Ming, secretary-general of the Guangdong Internet of Things Association, said that in the future, tablet PCs will have various product forms and penetrate into various industries. Mr. An Shaoping, general manager of China Great Wall Technology Group Manufacturing Division, believes that tablet PCs will shift from entertainment terminals to productivity terminals in the future. In addition, An Shaoping also predicted the current shortage of materials. He believes that the shortage of semiconductors may be long-term, but materials such as LCD screens may be reversed in the third quarter. He suggested that peers Be sure to lock resources only after receiving an order. Yang Zehui, director of Rockchip’s tablet business, also said that the supply shortage of chips will continue for two years. Wang Jianxiong, sales director of Longsys Electronics Embedded Storage Division, also said that the current supply chain adjustment is like the industry encountering the new crown virus, and after experiencing it, it is like having an antibody.

Longsys FORESEE brand exhibited embedded memory modules

Regarding the future trend of the tablet industry, Wang Jianxiong, Sales Director of Longsys Electronics Embedded Storage Division, believes that it is difficult to differentiate between mid- and low-end consumer tablets, and only educational tablets can add value to products. For the education tablet market, on the one hand, the requirements for storage are small in size and a small board, and on the other hand, the capacity must be large, which is also the current trend. Li Zongjian, product director of Emdoor Digital, said that in the future, Emdoor will provide more cost-effective products and solutions for education in the field of AI and 5G artificial intelligence. Liu Yanbing, general manager of Jiuxuewang Technology, introduced the reform of learning tablets in the post-epidemic era. Less than 3 years after its establishment, Jiuxuewang has produced a large number of educational content with its own copyrights, and has established a complete set of course distribution system. Cooperation with educational institutions to realize course distribution. Liu Yanbing said that his goal is to build a cross-hardware platform education and learning system, which can be seamlessly switched between Linux systems, Android systems, Windows systems, and Hongmeng systems, as well as tablet computers, scanning pens, desk lamps, Switch between various terminal forms such as reading pen and story machine. Han Wei, PC sales director of Guanghetong, believes that the outbreak of education terminals is not a flash in the pan. From the perspective of communication standards, 5G will bring a new application to cloud computing. With the reduction of bandwidth costs, computing power, Storage will be placed in the cloud, and easy-to-control, low-cost tablet terminals will become the future trend.

Group photo of some speakers and organizers of the summit

After the wonderful speeches, the summit organizers Xinpaike and Xinzhixun also jointly announced three industry lists for 2021, namely: “2021 Education Tablet Brand TOP10”, “2021 Education Tablet OEM/ODM TOP10”, “2021 Education Tablet OEM/ODM TOP10″ 2021 Education Tablet Chip TOP3”, the results of this list are based on industry research and statistics (the following list is in no particular order).

Top 10 educational tablet brands in 2021: Huawei, Lenovo, Little Genius, YouSchool, i English, iFLYTEK, seewo, Honghe, Haojixing, Hisense

2021 education tablet OEM/ODM TOP10: Wingtech, Longqi, Huaqin, TCL, Huaruian, Pinwang, Huiwei, Tianzhiweiye, Sigpo, Skyworth

2021 Education Tablet Chip TOP3: MediaTek, Rockchip, Qualcomm

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