The reason why CNC machining fluctuates greatly

The reason why CNC machining fluctuates greatly

CNC walking heart processing is a processing technology that we must use when processing some parts. PTJ’s walking heart processing can process many parts. I will not list them here. Those who are interested can check PTJ CNC walking heart processing products. Introduced, however, when we are in CNC machining, there will be instability during machining. What is the reason for this? PTJ summarized the following points

Reasons for large fluctuations in the outer diameter of CNC walking machines:

  1. The tool center is not right, or the tool center will move, such as the tool holder gap is too large;

The unstable outer diameter of No. 2.1 and No. 2 tools is related to the gap of the balance tool holder. If the No. 1 tool is too tight, it will change if it is not in place. If it is too loose, the entire tool holder will shake back and forth and the outer diameter will also be unstable;

  1. The knife is not locked. The angle of the knife is not ground to the standard;
  2. The lines of the knife holder are worn and too loose. The advance and retreat nuts of the knife holder will not lock and move;
  3. The cutting amount is too large, and the angle given by the cam is inappropriate;
  4. The tool is worn or the tip of the tool is broken. The center of the 2 chucks is wrong. Especially made of stainless steel;
  5. The chuck of the center frame is easy to scrape and damage the material, which will also be unstable;
  6. The spindle chuck is not round, the material cannot be clamped, the line of the spindle box is large intermittently, the front bearing is worn or too loose or too tight, or the spindle is too dirty, which affects the transmission coefficient;
  7. The center between the spindle chuck and the center frame chuck is not right, (concentricity) makes the raw material process obliquely;
  8. The center chuck is not smooth inside and appears to be a bell mouth. The inside is small and the front is big. Or on the contrary, the center frame chuck nut is too loose or not locked in place, and the chuck is already very tight;

11.The cam top wear is too serious.

  1. The material size is different or the material is oval
  2. Wear of the front bearing can also cause instability