The opening of CITE 2021 is imminent, and the industry scene is about to hit

2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and it is also a key year for the Electronic information industry to move towards high-quality development. At this year’s “two sessions”, representatives and all sectors of society have paid great attention to the electronic information industry. The electronic information industry that has withstood the test of the epidemic and handed over a satisfactory answer to industrial growth in 2020 will also be responsible for the new era. More “national tasks”, further improve the level of the industrial chain, break through key core technologies, and give play to the supporting and leading role of the electronic information industry in economic and social development.

The opening of CITE 2021 is imminent, and the industry scene is about to hit

China Electronic Information Expo is world-renowned for gathering cutting-edge achievements in the development of my country’s electronic information industry and focusing on the Display of the latest products and technologies in the global electronic information industry. Facing the new wave of industrial development, CITE 2021 takes “innovation-driven high-quality development” as its theme, highlighting the country’s The high-level platform style will continue to play the role of industrial technology innovation vane. From April 9th ​​to 11th, 2021, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center will be launched with 20 professional exhibition areas in nine major exhibition halls. Dacheng.

The ace industry group gathers together

CITE 2021 gathers CITE Theme Pavilion, Ultra HD Display Pavilion, Intelligent Manufacturing and 3D Printing Pavilion, Frontier Technology Application Pavilion, E-sports Pavilion, Big Data Storage Pavilion, Internet of Things and 5G Application Pavilion, Intelligent Driving Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Technology Pavilion, Foundation The Electronic Pavilion focuses on displaying the core content of the future development of the industry and overviews the key areas of the electronic information industry.

The opening of CITE 2021 is imminent, and the industry scene is about to hit

Smart homes in the next “blue ocean” market, artificial intelligence for the core capabilities of the new generation of information infrastructure, integrated circuits for the core and foundation of the electronic information industry, information security and innovation for the new kinetic energy of the country’s economic development, upgrading new consumption and expanding the digital economy are important Powerful new Display industry, intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing, one of the core technologies leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, e-sports, an important growth point of the global consumer electronics industry, 5G and VR of strategic emerging industries, digital economy 2.0 era The big data storage of important topics, the intelligent driving car technology that has risen to the national strategy, the basic electronic components that are essential basic units in the electronic information system, and the 5G and AIoT of the key planning industries of the “14th Five-Year Plan” are all in the CITE 2021. Take your place on the stage. CITE 2021 has a global vision to cover a number of ace industries. It deserves to be the largest electronic information expo in Asia with the most complete industrial chain. A glimpse of CITE 2021 can see the whole picture of the electronic information industry.

Leading companies are coming

The opening of CITE 2021 is imminent, and the industry scene is about to hit

As an annual event in the electronic information industry with international influence, on the basis of professional and comprehensive exhibition halls and exhibition areas, the exhibitor lineup of CITE 2021 is also very promising. More than 1,500 outstanding domestic and foreign companies will join CITE 2021. The wonderful 5G+ 5G technology, industry, application, and ecology are in full bloom. High-tech companies such as CEC, Honor, TCL, Dell, Hisense, Skyworth, Tsinghua Tongfang and other high-tech companies have all appeared in the smart life exhibition area, displaying Honor V40, Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD 5K monitors and other new products The released smart terminal products build a full-scenario smart life; the leaders in the IoT field, Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, MediaTek, SIMCom, TD Tech, Thundersoft, Mega Intelligence, Yike, Guanghetong, Gizwits, etc. represent enterprises with a full-scenario intelligent IoT ecosystem to move towards a fully connected world; Zhijia and other enterprises lead the way in intelligent driving vehicle technology, bringing a new high-performance intelligent electric flagship SUV Weilai es8, Ejiawen active safety intelligent prevention and control terminal and car driving recorder, Boshijie vehicle intelligent video five-in-one monitoring terminal, etc. The latest technologies and products of the intelligent networked automobile industry, presenting the latest processes and concepts; Shenzhen’s new generation of information and communication industry clusters, Zhongrui Funing, Han’s Laser, Dark Matter Intelligence and other major forces in the industrial Internet field have made an all-out attack, and Han’s Laser’s semiconductor automatic packaging The equipment H580, AILA cute foreign teacher of dark matter intelligence, the eye of dark matter, game reasoning decision engine and other technical products, fully demonstrate the empowerment effect of the industrial Internet.

The Xinchuang exhibition area is also not to be underestimated. Leading companies such as Tianjin Feiteng, Kylin Software, Kingsoft Office, China Great Wall, Kingdee Tianyan, Youxuan Software, Yongzhong Software, Jide Technology, Jingjiawei, Fanwei, 360 and so on all appeared. Feiteng’s high-performance CPU chip Tengyun S2500 and other innovative technology products have been launched, and jointly build a new and sustainable Xinchuang security ecosystem; TCL Huaxing, Visionox, Stereo, Tianma, Hehui, Huike, Lehman, Guangxiang , Dijing, Altai, Royole and other representatives of the ultra-high-definition display industry joined CITE 2021, and key technology products such as Visionox’s flexible AMOLED dynamic sliding terminal opened the ultra-high-definition era; Xin, Jincheng Micro, Deep Love, MediaTek, Montage, Hongxinyu, CLP Port and other leaders in the integrated circuit field brought blockbuster new products. Montage PCIe 4.0 Retimer series chips and other products provide new solutions, which are displayed in Breakthroughs in the entire industry chain in terms of basic processes, equipment, materials, etc.; the luxury lineup in the field of big data storage brings together AMD, Huawei, Western Digital, Sugon, Seagate, Dell, Yihualu, Amethyst, Digital China, Lenovo, Toshiba , Guoxin, Xinwei, Shichuang, Xingzhen Tongyuan and other well-known enterprises, focusing on the latest development achievements of the new generation of information technology, big data, storage and other industries, to create a world-class cluster of China’s data storage industry.

Thematic Forum Summit Dialogue

For a long time, professional, authoritative and top-level theme forum activities have also been a major feature of China Electronic Information Expo. CITE 2021 will hold 20+ forum activities at the same time, covering many popular topics such as 5G+, information technology application innovation, display technology, basic electronics and IC technology, big data technology, smart home, industrial Internet, etc., and invite industry authoritative experts and top entrepreneurs Jointly discuss the pain points of industry development, deeply discuss the evolution of industrial market demand, explore new opportunities in the 5G era, and discuss the new development pattern of the electronic information industry.

More than 50 forums and activities are supported, authoritative industry leaders sit in the town, gather top resources in the industry, more than 400 new product and new technology releases, a highly anticipated industry exhibition, an interactive platform for global elite dialogue, a continuous emergence of business and opportunities It is a fertile soil for the electronic information industry and a focus of the times that resonates with the industry. The opening of CITE 2021 is imminent, taking the times as a bond, and seeing how the giants of the electronic information industry will break through the waves under the new wave.

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