The most hardcore Switch player is born: sit directly in the American tank and build

This may be the coolest scene to play on the Switch, and of course the players are also the hardest.

The foreign player Amarthanor (American soldier) shared a photo of himself playing on the Switch. It can be seen that he was in the M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, sitting in a hammock and playing games on the Switch, and the Switch was connected to an external handle Playing games is more convenient.

According to Amarthanor, when the network connection is unstable and the space is limited, playing Switch games in the tank in your spare time seems to be the best choice.

Of course, this photo is a long time ago, because Amarthanor said that during the mission, it is not easy to use the mobile phone, because he is afraid of revealing some secret things, such as letting his location be fixed.

In any case, netizens think that Amarthanor is the best Switch player, and the hardcore scenes are matched with hardcore equipment.

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