“The first share of domestic lithography machine” Science and Technology Innovation Board meeting!Shared patents with Tsinghua

On September 17, Huazhuo Jingke successfully held a meeting on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and went one step further to the “first share of domestic photoresist”.

Huazhuo Jingke’s main business is ultra-precision measurement and control equipment. Its products include precision motion systems, lithography machine double workpiece stage modules, electrostatic chucks, wafer-level bonding equipment, laser annealing equipment, etc., which are mainly used in integrated circuit manufacturing. , ultra-precision manufacturing, optics, medical and other industries.

“Tsinghua Power” blessing, sharing patents

Huazhuo Jingke has the “background” of Tsinghua University. The company’s controlling shareholder Zhu Yu is a long-term professor of Tsinghua University, and many core technical personnel are also from Tsinghua University.

At present, Zhu Yu and Zhang Ming have obtained the approval of Tsinghua University for part-time jobs, and they are working in Huazhuo Jingke Department as part-time staff.

R&D patents, as of June 30, 2021, the company has 198 patents and the exclusive right to use one patent.

Among them, the company and Tsinghua University jointly own 162 patented technologies and 1 exclusive license patent, and 35 are independently applied by Huazhuo Jingke.

For the 162 jointly owned patents, the company and Tsinghua University agreed through an agreement that the company has the exclusive right to implement this part of the patented technology, and Tsinghua University has the right to distribute profits.

Received more than 10 rounds of financing

According to incomplete statistics, Huazhuo Jingke has obtained more than 10 rounds of financing since its establishment, and has gone through the process of seed round, equity financing, A round, seven fixed increase, strategic financing, B round and other financing processes. The investment lineup behind it includes first-line institutions such as Shuimu Venture Capital, CICC, Dahua Continental Investment, Hunpu Investment, Red Star Macalline, and the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “National Fund”).

Huazhuo Jingke has been listed on the New Third Board. During the period when the company was listed on the New Third Board, a total of 5 private placements were implemented, with a total of about 142 million yuan in private placements.

Ice-breaking double work table technology!

The lithography machine has three core components, EUV light source, double workpiece table, and optical lens. Among them, the double workpiece stage has the highest technical barriers and the most difficult production, and the cost accounts for 10%-20% of the cost of the entire lithography machine.

Previously, the dual-stage technology of the lithography machine was monopolized by the Dutch company ASML, and Huazhuo Jingke and the Tsinghua team successfully broke the technical barrier of the dual-stage technology, becoming the second in the world and the first in the country to master EUV The manufacturer of the double-workpiece technology of the lithography machine has realized the completely independent production of the technology and the double-workpiece parts.

Raised more than 700 million yuan, increased research and development

Huazhuo Jingke was established in 2012. Although it is known as the first stock of domestic lithography machines, the company does not produce complete lithography machines, but focuses on EUV lithography machine dual-stage technology.

The company’s main products include ultra-precision measurement and control equipment components such as precision motion systems, lithography machine dual-stage modules, electrostatic chucks and vibration isolators, and ultra-precision measurement and control equipment such as wafer-level bonding equipment and laser annealing equipment. Technical development services for some of the above major products.

Huazhuo Jingke plans to issue no more than 32 million shares this time, and the raised funds will be about 735 million yuan, which will be used for the R&D and manufacturing projects of key components of semiconductor equipment, the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Innovation and R&D Center for ultra-precision measurement and control products, and the ultra-high-speed lithography machine. Precision displacement measurement and plane grating measurement technology research and development projects, etc.

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