Talking about the application of CONTRINEX high pressure switch in water jet industry

1 Overview
Kerui CONTRINEX Industrial Electronics is a well-known Swiss company specializing in the development, production and sales of sensors. The main product ranges include proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ultrasonic switches, laser photoelectric switches, rotary encoders, capacitive switches, identification systems, and security products. and many more.
2. CONTRINEX featured products
The proximity switch of Kerui CONTRINEX has the characteristics of miniaturization, long distance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, high pressure resistance, analog output, etc. Here we mainly talk about the application of high pressure resistance switches in the water jet industry.
3. CONTRINEX high voltage switch products
The main problem with high pressure switches is the pressure resistance, and the sensing surface must have a thick mask (usually magnetic). However, the thickness of the mask reduces the detection distance of the product, so the effective detection distance is very short, sometimes not even at all. Therefore, some products on the market install an oscillating coil on the side that is subjected to high pressure, so that the sensing surface is partially made of plastic, but this cannot guarantee the stability of work in some working environments (hydraulic oil, high temperature, circulating pressure and many more).
Talking about the application of CONTRINEX high pressure switch in water jet industry

Talking about the application of CONTRINEX high pressure switch in water jet industry

In contrast, the structure of CONTRINEX high-voltage switch products is completely different, and there will be no similar problems at all. The CONTRINEX high-voltage switch adopts Condist technology, which inserts Electronic components into the thick sensing surface shell, so that the product does not need any auxiliary equipment and other methods, even if the thick magnetic shell is installed, it can achieve the effect of long detection distance. Since the entire electronic assembly (core and coil) is mounted on the side that is not under pressure, the effective detection distance is far greater than required.
The advantages of CONTRINEX high-voltage switches are: a variety of installation sizes, pressure resistance up to 500BAR, impact-resistant stainless steel housing, protection grade IP68, can be immersed in oil to work, and the effective detection distance can reach 3MM.
The CONTRINEX high-voltage switch housing adopts heat shrink technology to compress the disk, and it can achieve a good sealing effect without taking additional sealing measures. Therefore, it is also suitable for dynamic high pressure environments, especially in the water jet industry.
4. Origin of water jet
“Water drop through stone” embodies the potential eternal power of water itself, which is weak in people’s eyes. However, with the continuous discovery of science and technology, people endow water droplets with a magical blow energy that is greater than that of free fall; the long phenomenon of water drop through stone can be instantly It can be done, that is water jet. As an independent and complete processing technology, the production of high-pressure water jet (WJ) and abrasive water jet (AWJ) has been in the past three decades, and the use of high-pressure water to serve people’s production began in the 1870s Left and right, mainly used for gold mining, peeling bark. Until World War II, the phenomenon of “rain erosion” destroying the radar cabin during aircraft operation inspired people to think. It was not until the 1950s that the possibility of high-pressure water jet cutting originated in the Soviet Union, but the first cutting technology patent was generated in the United States, that is, in 1968 by Dr. Norman Franz, a professor of forestry at the University of Missouri in the United States. In the past ten years, water jet (WJ, AWJ) cutting technology and equipment have made great progress, and its application has spread to all aspects of industrial production and people’s lives. Many universities, companies and factories are competing for research and development, and new thinking, new theories, and new technologies are constantly emerging, forming a momentum of catching up with others. At present, more than 3,000 sets of water jet cutting equipment have been used in dozens of industries in dozens of countries, especially in aerospace, naval, military, nuclear energy and other high, sharp and difficult technologies, which can cut more than 500 This kind of material, the annual growth rate of its equipment is more than 20%.
5. The principle of water jet
The basic principle of high-pressure water jet can be attributed to: using the principle of liquid pressurization, through a specific device (boosting port or high-pressure pump), the mechanical energy of the power source (motor) is converted into pressure energy, and the water with huge pressure energy is passed through the small. Orifice nozzle (another transducer device), and then convert the pressure energy into kinetic energy, thereby forming a high-velocity jet (WJ). Therefore, it is often called high-speed water jet. The high pressure water jet system is shown in Figure 1.
Talking about the application of CONTRINEX high pressure switch in water jet industry

It is mainly composed of pressurization system, water supply system, pressurization and constant pressure system, nozzle piping system, numerical control table system, water collection system and water circulation treatment system. The low-pressure oil (10-30MPa) of the hydraulic system pushes the large piston to move back and forth, and its direction is automatically controlled by the reversing valve. The water supply system first purifies the water, and adds anti-rust additives, etc., and then the low-pressure water is pumped out by the water supply pump from the one-way valve into the high-pressure cylinder. The booster constant pressure system includes two parts: a booster and an accumulator. The booster ratio is the ratio of the area of ​​the large piston to the small piston, which is usually 10:1 to 25:1. Up to 100MPa ~ 750MPa. Since the compression rate of water is 12% at 400Mpa, the piston rod will not have high-pressure water output until it has traveled one-eighth of its entire stroke. When the piston reaches the end of the stroke, the reversing valve automatically changes the direction of the oil circuit (shown by the dotted arrow in the figure), and then pushes the large piston to travel in the opposite direction. At this time, the high-pressure water is output at the other end. If this high-pressure water is directly sent to the nozzle, the jet pressure from the nozzle will be pulsating; and this will cause periodic oscillations to the pipeline system. An energy accumulator (constant pressure) is set between them to eliminate the water pressure pulsation and achieve the purpose of constant pressure; if the water pressure can exceed the damage strength of the material, the material can be cut off to achieve the purpose of removing the material.

This is the traditional application; the detection of the piston relies on 15 components such as the reversing valve; if there is a problem, it will be paralyzed, and maintenance is very inconvenient. Today, the CONTRINEX high pressure switch can be fixed on the high pressure cylinder wall; immersed in oil to directly detect the piston position; the effect is very good; the maintenance is convenient; the cost is reduced; it has been widely promoted and applied from the beginning.
6. Prospects of CONTRINEX high-voltage switch products in the water jet industry
High-pressure water jet cutting is performed by using a high-speed jet with high kinetic energy (sometimes called high-speed water jet machining), which belongs to the category of high-energy beam machining like lasers, ion beams, and electron beams. It has been successfully applied in the following industries: automobile manufacturing and repair, aerospace, machining, national defense, military industry, weapons, electronic power, petroleum, mining, light industry, building materials, nuclear industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, food, medical, Forestry, agriculture, municipal engineering, etc. CONTRINEX high-voltage switches have been applied in Shanghai high jet torrent, Huai’an fluid equipment, Ningbo Shunma cleaning machine, Shanghai port machinery, etc., and have won high praise from customers. We believe that with our technological innovation and application of new technologies, CONTRINEX high-voltage switches will be widely used in the water jet industry.