State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Resolutely resist illegal and immoral artists using online platforms to make voice appearances

On September 9, the Network Audiovisual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a symposium.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to strictness and practicality, to address both the symptoms and the symptoms, to effectively clarify the atmosphere in the field of online audio-visual literature and art, and to use resolute and powerful practical actions to let the people see changes and see results.

First, strengthen supervision. The competent radio and television departments at all levels should conscientiously implement the responsibility system for ideological work, and strengthen the responsibility for hosting and territorial management. It is necessary to continue to deepen the effectiveness of the special rectification of online variety shows,

No idol development program shall be broadcast;

Variety entertainment and reality shows that star children participate in shall not be broadcast;

Talent shows are not allowed to set up links and channels such as off-site voting, rankings, and assistance;

Resolutely resist bad trends such as “only traffic” and pan-entertainment;

Resolutely resist illegal and immoral artists using online platforms to make voice appearances;

It is necessary to continue to implement the review system for film remuneration management, strengthen work linkage with taxation and other relevant departments, strengthen information sharing, and resolutely crack down on “high-priced film remuneration” and “yin-yang contracts”.

The second is to hold down the responsibility of the compaction platform. Online audio-visual program service agencies must insist on putting social benefits in the first place, consciously assume media responsibilities and social responsibilities, and resolutely resist erroneous practices such as ridiculing scandals, hyping hot spots, and creating confrontations, and resisting the deformity of “only traffic” and “only appearance” culture.

The third is to strengthen literary criticism. Adhere to a serious, objective and comprehensive evaluation of works, constantly improve the professionalism of literary criticism, and give full play to the role of advocating the good and suppressing the bad.

Fourth, strengthen industry self-discipline. Industry associations should further strengthen industry self-discipline and training of practitioners, educate and guide the whole industry to abide by the law, respect morality and art, and jointly build a good network ecology.

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