Siemens acquires PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA product family, expanding its leading IC verification portfolio

Following the release of the next-generation Veloce™ hardware-assisted verification system, Siemens Digital Industries Software continues its new move, signing an agreement with Germany-based PRO DESIGN Electronic to acquire its proFPGA product line with FPGA desktop prototyping technology. The family currently serves more than 100 customers, helping customers achieve “Shift-Left” in critical hardware and software verification tasks, thereby reducing time to market.

Siemens has previously entered into an OEM partnership with PRO DESIGN to add proFPGA technology to the Siemens Xcelerator™ solution portfolio as part of its EDA IC verification product suite. With this acquisition, Siemens can more fully integrate the scalable, high-performance prototyping platform for laboratory and desktop environments into the Veloce hardware-assisted verification system to the best of its ability.

Siemens acquires PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA product family, expanding its leading IC verification portfolio

“Our acquisition of the proFPGA business continues to meet the needs of the world’s leading processor and SoC creators who need a full suite of verification solutions tailored to their use cases, from IP to subsystems to SoCs and more. The addition of proFPGA desktop prototyping technology further enhances our Veloce Primo enterprise FPGA prototyping system and Veloce Strato+ emulation solutions, allowing us to The latest software programming Model fully meets customer needs for fast verification cycles.”

At the same time, PRO DESIGN will continue to serve as an independent company and electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E²MS) provider, providing consulting, development, layout and prototyping, and series production services. The company’s focus remains on providing FPGA-based solutions and PCIe boards for high-performance computing applications to customers in various end markets.

Gunnar Scholl, director of proFPGA solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software, said: “The proFPGA technology has built over 1,900 systems among 120 active customers in 15 countries, giving Siemens a solid foothold to address data center, 5G The growing need for prototyping in areas such as , artificial intelligence, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) applications has helped us continue to rapidly gain market share in this area. This acquisition also allows PRO DESIGN to continue to focus on investing in and servicing its E²MS business customers, while enabling the proFPGA product family to continue to grow as Siemens expands in the EDA market.”

Siemens has now completed the acquisition of PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA product family. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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