Pay attention to the film selection!Xiaomi official popular science UV film FAQ

IT House April 11 News There are often a variety of mobile phone film in the market, of which the most popular is UV film. However, the quality of UV films on the market is often uneven, and may even cause damage to mobile phones. Recently, the official customer service of Xiaomi mobile phone has popularized the UV film and some common problems in the Xiaomi community.

The official Xiaomi customer service said that they have recently received many feedbacks from users about problems such as button failure, button sticking, and side buttons not popping up. developed a new “UV film” in which the glue leaked into the key structure and caused the device to malfunction. The official reminds users not to buy related products when purchasing film products. If the film has been pasted and there is a problem, they should go to the after-sales service for testing as soon as possible.

What is UV film?

IT House learned that the UV film adopts the method of separating glue and outer protective glass. When applying the film, it needs to be glued onto the screen first, then put the film and squeeze the glue onto the entire screen, and then use the UV lamp to cure

Pay attention to the film selection!Xiaomi official popular science UV film FAQ

However, according to Xiaomi’s official introduction, the “glue” of the UV film is actually not very sticky. in order to achieve the bonding effect.

Xiaomi officials said that this special filming method and glue design have many risks that may lead to failures in the operation. The curing range of small UV lamps is limited, and the glue may leak even when it is not fully cured, which can easily lead to the failure of peripheral devices such as buttons; at the same time, the protective glass layer and glue layer of the UV film may cause the light deviation of the fingerprint sensor. , in some cases, it will affect the normal use of fingerprint recognition.

At the same time, the design of the curvature on both sides of the curved screen Model itself will also make it easier for the liquid to contact the middle frame, and it is more likely to leak into the buttons. If the protection is not good or there is too much glue, it may leak into the earpiece, and there is a risk of the earpiece being silent or abnormal sound.

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