Most manufacturers stop production, Apple’s official website AirPods Pro is expected to ship in 4 weeks

The Apple AirPods Pro wireless earphones that support active noise reduction have attracted a large number of users to buy since their launch. Japanese media reported that since the Lunar New Year holiday, the three major manufacturers of AirPods, Luxshare, Goertek and Inventec, have stopped most of their production.

Apple’s official website shows that currently, the AirPods Pro is expected to ship in four weeks, while AirPods with a normal charging case or a wireless charging case are still expected to ship in one business day.

As Apple’s latest Bluetooth headset, the AirPods Pro, which is at risk of being out of stock, features active noise reduction and transparency mode.

Among them, active noise cancellation can block ambient noise and continuously adjust according to the geometry of the user’s ear and the fit of the earplugs, thereby reducing ambient noise. Transparency mode allows external sound to enter, and cancels the sound insulation effect of silicone earbuds by cooperating with outward-facing and inward-facing microphones.

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