Longsys Electronics’ industrial storage brand FORESEE has accumulated a lot

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2017 is a turning point for Longsys Electronics.

Starting from the MASK ROM business, Longsys has been continuously cultivating the consumer market during the 22 years since its establishment. After accumulating mature production experience and application experience, the company has optimized product planning and selection and improved application scenarios. Since 2017 Since then, it has officially entered the field of industrial storage.

On September 27th, at the ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Fair, our reporter had the honor to interview Mr. Wang Zuopeng, the marketing manager of Longsys Electronics Industrial Storage Division, to have a more in-depth understanding of the industrial electronics development path of this pillar enterprise in China’s storage industry.

Longsys Electronics’ industrial storage brand FORESEE has accumulated a lot

Wang Zuopeng, Marketing Manager of Shenzhen Longsys Electronic Industrial Storage Division

Q: Please introduce the products and specific applications of FORESEE in the industrial market sector in detail.

“Our products are mainly divided into two grades in the industrial market. Divided by temperature range, basically our products in the industrial market are at the level of -40 to 85 degrees, and the product types include industrial-grade eMMC, industrial-grade SSD, Industrial-grade DDR3, and some NAND Flash, etc.” Wang Zuopeng said, “Vehicle-grade is also in our industry. Among the car-grade products, our eMMC products are one of the few in China that have passed the AEC-Q100 standard. Yes. We have now passed Grade 3 and Grade 2, and have formed some stable cooperation with many pre-installation/quasi-pre-installation OEMs.”

AEC-Q100 is an industry standard of the American Automobile Industry Association. For storage products, the temperature is divided into three grades: Grade 3 is -40~85 degrees, Grade 2 is -40~105 degrees, and Grade 1 is -40~125 degrees. It is understood that storage products that are not directly exposed to the sun implement the Grade 3 standard, while products that are exposed to direct sunlight, such as DMS or ADAS products, implement the Grade 2 standard. The higher the temperature control standard, the more difficult the level will be. “We started from the low level, from Grade 3 to Grade 2, and then to Grade 1. When we reach Grade 1, we will focus on making some storage components around the engine.” Wang Zuopeng said.

Q: How does your company view the development of the industrial market? What layout has the company made for the future development of the industrial market?

“There is an essential difference between the industrial market and the consumer market, which is the difference between demand priorities.” Wang Zuopeng said bluntly, “The consumer market is more sensitive to the quality of industrial products than consumer products due to rapid iterations, but for industrial-grade products, first of all What we want to pursue is stability.” In his view, the development of the industrial market is actually more difficult than the consumer market. The company’s plan to develop into the industrial market also hopes to improve brand influence and product performance by intervening in the quality management of the entire product line and high-standard application scenarios. It is understood that after the integration last year, the company set up an industrial storage team. Wang Zuopeng told reporters that the company focused on improving the specifications and quality of products in the consumer market, such as SSDs in the consumer market and eMMC in the embedded sector. “This is because these customer groups are very concentrated. Maybe a customer needs both industrial-grade eMMC, industrial-grade DDR, and industrial-grade SSD. So we set up this team around customers, quite It is the same as a company in a specialized field.” Wang Zuopeng explained, “In the future, we hope to use this team to benchmark companies specializing in industrial storage in the industry, and then to deeply cultivate this market segment. We believe that this type of product has great potential. Whether it is the application of 5G or the application of automatic driving of new energy vehicles, it will belong to the category of the industrial market.”

Q: For the industrial market, what are the unique advantages of FORESEE industrial storage products?

“Although we have accumulated a lot of experience in the consumer market, we are indeed a latecomer in the industrial market.” Wang Zuopeng said humbly, “but we did bring some advantages from the consumer market, such as the concept of full-cycle supply chain management. It is reported that traditional industrial manufacturers do not have obvious advantages in control, price negotiation, and raw material allocation due to their small output value, while Longsys Electronics’ full-cycle supply chain management concept throughout product design, production, and testing is its industrial An important reason why storage products “can hit”. In addition, the company has established a number of laboratories in Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park for design simulation, signal analysis, material analysis, system analysis, high and low temperature testing and other testing and analysis. The leading basic conditions also provide hard core guarantees for the company’s products. “It is also worth mentioning that we maintain a stable and close cooperative relationship with international original factories. In addition to ensuring the quality of raw materials, the firmware programs in the products are also written by our own engineers.” In the standard version, a large number of R&D personnel of the company are still engaged in the preparation of firmware programs. In this way, the company can have a fast reaction speed and processing speed should there be a problem with the product. In addition, when customers have different needs, the company can also provide customized services for customers through appropriate version adjustments to meet their needs.

Q: What are the main sales channels of the company’s industrial products?

According to reports, Longsys’ sales channels are divided into three categories: one is the most common agent Model; the second is the direct sales model; the last one is the online sales model. “Some big customers will ask us to directly connect with them. This is a direct sales model, but the number is not large.” Wang Zuopeng told reporters, “Our main sales channel is agents, and the proportion of online platform purchases is also gradually increase.”

Q: The industrial market has high quality requirements for storage products. How does FORESEE ensure product stability?

Taking automobiles as an example, considering its application environment, such as the impact of common high and low temperature on it, the impact of electromagnetic pulses, the impact of voltage changes, and the corrosion conditions in hardware, automobiles have become recognized in the industrial market. Product application scenarios. Wang Zuopeng said that in addition to designing chips according to the JEDEC protocol, all the company’s manufacturers are IATF 16949 compliant. In addition, in the production process of the chip, the product also fully meets the requirements of AEC-Q100. “After meeting these standards, as I said before, firmware is our core competitiveness. Our self-developed stable firmware can satisfy the stability of data and the smoothness of data transmission.” Wang Zuopeng said.

In addition to compliance and self-developed stable firmware, Wang Zuopeng also mentioned the ecological cooperation between the company and the main platform manufacturers. “Whether it is SoC chips, MCU chips, DRAM chips, or other original device chips, we maintain a friendly cooperative relationship with the main platform manufacturers.” Wang Zuopeng said, “Our products need to be adapted to others. Customers think that the product has good stability and performance after use, which is a higher level. We have been constantly improving the ecological establishment, and the product can be adjusted to the customer application side at the first time, so that it will be guaranteed when it is actually applied. The quality of the whole product is stable.”

Q: Could you please introduce what positive role Longsys will play in supporting the development of China’s storage industry? What are your suggestions?

“We have participated in many domestic IC exhibitions, and more of them have seen the expectations of the Chinese people. Everyone hopes that we can narrow the gap in the semiconductor war without gunpowder smoke. The industry believes that compared with the most advanced companies, we are almost the same. It is nearly 20 years behind. However, the impact of various events in recent years has made everyone sober, and the common people are beginning to be willing to contribute to localization. They are also willing to undertake trial and error and give domestic enterprises opportunities. This is a very good trend.” Wang Zuopeng said bluntly, “In our opinion, the product application side is willing to try, which gives us a lot of opportunities for product manufacturers. Of course, the opportunity is reserved for the prepared. If there is no solid technology or accumulation of talents, Dalang will still be eliminated in the past.” It is understood that under the wave of semiconductor fever, there are currently tens of thousands of semiconductor companies in China, and there may only be more than 50 in the United States. The Chinese market is huge, and after mergers and eliminations, there may be hundreds of big and strong companies left, but small companies may also exist. “In this process, we didn’t really want to lead the market, we just did our duty in a down-to-earth way. You can also see that we have only been doing storage without involving anything other than storage. Our chairman Cai Huabo once Mentioned that this market actually still has many goals for us to pursue, but we want to narrow the gap in our own field first, and design representative products in the customization of chip hardware and software. what should be done.”

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