Less than 10%, Renesas Electronics fire factory gradually resumes production

According to news on April 20, after a month of shutdown since the fire on March 19, Renesas Electronics announced that as of 9:00 am on April 17, 2021, the 300mm wafer production line (Building N3, 1st floor) will restart. Production.

However, the capacity as of April 19 was only 10% higher than before the fire, and Renesas aims to restore capacity to 30% by April 25, 50% by the end of April, and 100% by the end of May.


Renesas Electronics announced that it will resume production on April 19.The red line is the shipment forecast from the briefing held on March 30, the blue line is the revised and announced production forecast on April 19, and the green line is the shipment forecast for alternative production

Hidetoshi Shibata, the company’s president and CEO, said it was incredible to resume production within a month of the fire, and we miraculously resumed production. Of the 23 units affected by the fire, we were able to confirm the purchase of 17 units within April. It is estimated that 1 unit will be purchased within May, and the delivery date of 1 unit is currently being coordinated. For the remaining 4 units, the newly purchased equipment has a higher production capacity than the existing equipment, and the company believes that there is no need to purchase these equipment for the time being. In order to maintain and increase production capacity in the long term, the company will continue to cooperate with equipment manufacturers to purchase the remaining 4 units.


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