A few days ago, according to media reports, industry insiders said that Toshiba will increase some products in 2022, with an English price increase letter attached. The price increase letter shows that on November 16, Toshiba told customers that the photocoupler will officially increase the price in January 2022.

It is rumored that Toshiba will issue another price increase letter! Increase in January 2022

As for the reasons for the price increase, Toshiba said that due to rising prices of raw materials, logistics and other supply chains, the company is under increasing pressure on profitability. Toshiba Electronic components Co., Ltd. has been unable to absorb the increasing costs by itself, so Toshiba had to make a decision to increase prices.

It is reported that optocouplers are the most commonly used isolation devices in power switching circuits, with a wide range of applications; due to the rapid development of wearable devices, Netcom products, smart home appliances, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, cloud servers and 5G base stations, demand is rapid. growing up.

Industry analysts believe that in the case of a substantial increase in market demand, from the fourth quarter of 2020, the demand for optocouplers and related components has begun to increase sharply, with an increase of 10-30% since the beginning of this year, at least double digits.

In fact, as early as the first half of this year, Toshiba issued an increase notice to customers, the notice stated that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, semiconductor wafers, foundry and packaging are all facing the problem of shortage of raw materials and increased costs, Toshiba The cost of the product is also increasing, therefore, it was decided to increase the price of the product on June 1, 2021.

(The price increase letter issued by Toshiba in the first half of this year)

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