iPhone 12 processor confirmed!Apple wants invincible rhythm

In addition to the news of Mac computers with ARM processors, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also brought news of A14 processors, which will be manufactured based on TSMC’s 5nm process.

According to the latest news from Ming-Chi Kuo, since the outbreak of the new crown virus, Apple has become “more active” in funding research, development and production of 5nm process chips, which are expected to be used in the first batch of equipment. Mac computers with ARM processors. That’s because 5-nanometer chips will be integrated into iPhones and iPads later this year, and into Macs in 2021.

Apple has released a preliminary estimate of the application processor (AP) demand for iOS mobile devices, and the total output of the A14 processor is expected to be about 50% to 60% higher than that of the A13, or even higher. The reason why the total output of the A14 processor is so high is related to the large amount of iPhone 12 that Apple has in stock. According to the current progress, Apple has at least 4 new models to use the A14 processor.

For Apple, 2020 will be the year with the most new iPhones ever launched, with at least 5 new models launching, including 4 5G models alone.

In addition, these devices will be powered by the 5nm-based A14 chip (the iPad Pro is expected to be powered by the A14X), supporting mmWave and sub-6GHz frequency combinations. Apple’s 5G iPhone is expected to use the Snapdragon X55 modem, but the report does not mention which modem will be used in the 5G iPad Pro, most likely Samsung and MediaTek.

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