Interview with Yadi Zhou Chao: To be a real smart electric vehicle, pay more attention to the core value than making money

At the 2021 Yadea Technology Global Multiplication Strategy Summit held on December 9, Yadea put forward the grand strategy of “global multiplication”, setting the tone for the company’s development in 2021 and even in the future. At the same time, Yadea also released a new series of electric two-wheeled vehicles and a number of cutting-edge technologies at the summit, especially the basic technology of driving and related intelligent technologies, which greatly improved the technological height of this category of electric two-wheeled vehicles.

After the meeting, Zhou Chao, senior vice president of Yadea Technology Group, accepted a group interview with the media including Lei Technology, and explained and supplemented Yadea’s “global multiplication” strategy, new products of Guanzhi series and some key technologies.

First of all, of course, what everyone is most concerned about is the “global doubling” strategy proposed by Yadea at the meeting. We know that the so-called “global doubling” actually not only refers to specific sales, but includes product level, marketing level, brand height and other aspects. , but we are still very concerned about a specific sales target of Yadea next year. It is not easy for Yadea to achieve the sales target of breaking 10 million one month ahead of schedule. What about next year?

In this regard, Zhou Chao said that Yadea’s 2021 goal is not a specific number, but “needs to combine the growth of Yadea’s dealers and suppliers, and Yadea’s overall target is actually the various small achievement of goals”. Compared with the specific sales target, Zhou Chao or Yadi pays more attention to the “multiplication” of sales, output value, profit, and quality. When these requirements are met, the final product sales will be good.

Another question is also interesting. Some people think that Yadea has become a leader in the industry. Judging from the situation in other fields, when a company becomes a leader, there is often a slack situation of “squeezing toothpaste”, but Yadea still It has spared no effort to release some leading technologies, and even announced that it will invest up to 1 billion yuan in research and development expenses in 2021. Where does the driving force behind this come from?

Zhou Chao made it clear that this is closely related to Yadi’s corporate strength and core values. To put it simply, Yadea makes electric two-wheelers to make money, but not just to make money. They always have a vision, that is to use technological innovation to make the category of electric two-wheelers more recognized by consumers, so that The concept of green travel is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, Yadea is also willing to shoulder the heavy responsibility of representing China’s electric two-wheel industry. In order to be recognized by the world, Yadea naturally needs to work harder.

Next is the product that everyone is more concerned about. To briefly review, the most prominent selling point of the Guanzhi series models released by the whole series is undoubtedly the breakthrough in the charging method. Whether it is the fast charging technology that can be fully charged in 20 minutes or the wireless charging technology that is comparable to other digital products, it has greatly improved the electric power. The technical content of two-wheelers. However, Yadi did not announce the specific commercial time of wireless charging technology at the press conference, and some details about this technology also caught our attention.

Regarding the charging time of Yadea’s wireless charging technology, Zhou Chao said that their wireless charging charging time has reached the same level as the traditional wired charging, which is about 6 hours. But the technology is still improving, and it can certainly be made shorter in the future.

As for the specific commercial time, Zhou Chao said that all the test projects of this technology have been completed, and it will be put into the market in the first half of next year and will appear in front of consumers as an optional function of most models.

As one of the few “smart electric vehicles” on the market, Guanzhi’s new product has also become one of the focuses of the interview. We are very interested in some of its core technologies and intelligent functions.

According to Zhou Chao’s answer to Xiaolei’s question, the core technologies of the Guanzhi series electric vehicles are as follows: intelligent IoT system, understanding of lithium fast charging technology, which can achieve 80% charging in 20 minutes and the same level of Guanneng motor. At the same time, Zhou Chao also expressed his understanding of “intelligence”. He said that products that only add GPS and can realize a small-scale IoT system are not really “intelligent”, and Yadea’s ideal intelligent products are more humanized , More useful, the use of intelligent system electric vehicles can solve our travel troubles, give professional guidance, and even self-test and report specific fault points, so that Yadi’s after-sales system can be passive and active.

In Xiaolei’s view, the biggest feature of the Guanzhi series electric vehicles is that they have joined many cutting-edge technologies in the technology industry. In addition to the strengthening of basic capabilities, they are further in line with other IoT smart home products, and the product image is younger and more fashionable. .

When talking about the new product Guanzhi, Zhou Chao also emphasized the breakthrough in battery technology of this Model. Zhou Chao introduced that CATL, as a leader in the lithium battery industry, has a top technical level and rich experience, but in the process of cooperating with Yadea, he could not help but sigh that the electric two-wheeler industry has high technical requirements for lithium batteries.

Is it more difficult to make lithium batteries for electric two-wheelers than four-wheelers? This is indeed the case. Four-wheeled vehicles have enough space and a safe enough working environment. In contrast, the lithium batteries of electric two-wheeled vehicles have higher requirements for stability and weather resistance. Therefore, in the process of cooperating with CATL, Yadi teamed up with partners to redesign all aspects of the vehicle structure, and added the battery detection function to monitor the working conditions of the battery.

In the group interview, Zhou Chao also talked about some of Yadi’s persistence and told stories. At that time, most of the electric two-wheeler companies did not have the awareness of in-depth design. The upstream manufacturers gave the molds and they OEM, but Yadea always insisted on designing the product appearance independently and mastering the intellectual property rights. With the continuous deepening of research Yadea products are also constantly optimized in terms of applicability. Ergonomic and other aspects have made outstanding achievements.

Zhou Chao believes that Yadea is expected to maintain a healthy and sustainable growth of 25% to 30% in 2021. In addition to the annual revenue scale indicators, it is more concerned about the improvement of product quality and consumer satisfaction. With the continuous increase of sustainable strategic investment, Yadea is confident that it can win the future.

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