How to choose the commonly used tools in CNC turning

How to choose the commonly used tools in CNC turning

CNC turning is a commonly used equipment for machining, and the choice of tools in CNNC turning is very important. The materials of the tools are generally metal tools, which are mainly composed of two parts: the head and the body. Naturally We know that the cutter body is used for cutting. So how to choose the tool we need? We have summarized two aspects to choose.

The key points of selecting tool material:

  1. We generally require that the tool selection requires high hardness. How to judge the choice of this kind of hardness, the hardness of the tool should be completely greater than the hardness of the processed material.
  2. The tool should have super wear resistance. We all know that the tool generally rotates at high speed on the lathe. If it is not wear-resistant, the service life must be long. Then we will have to spend money to buy the tool. Knowing that knives are generally not cheap. This is not worth the loss. So we should choose high wear resistance when choosing.
  3. To have enough toughness, what is toughness? It is the ability of the tool to withstand strong impact and vibration during our turning process. This is also very important.
  4. To have high enough high temperature resistance, we have also said before. The tool rotates at high speed during the turning process. At this time, it will definitely generate a lot of heat. It is possible that the tool and the material will be red. However, there should be special water at this time, so the performance against high temperature cannot be ignored. Choose the tool from the above points.

So what kind of material do our common knives generally have? Let’s take a look:

  1. High-speed tool steel This tool has very high hardness and wear resistance. And the high temperature resistance is above 5600 degrees, and the cutting speed during the turning process is about 30m/min. Its advantages are relatively good heat treatment performance and high wear resistance. It can be made into tools for turning tools, milling cutters, and drill lights. The metal material used is a material such as tungsten high-speed steel.
  2. The alloy tool steel has strong resistance to high temperature. The high temperature resistance is above 2200 degrees, and the cutting speed is about 8-10m/min. This kind of tool can’t catch up with the above tungsten high-speed steel. Therefore, the price is relatively low, and it is made into low-speed tools with complex shapes, such as tools such as reamers, dies and taps.
  3. There is another type of hard alloy. The hardness of this type of tool is very high, its value reaches HRA89_92.5, and it is resistant to high temperatures, and the temperature can reach 8500-10000 degrees. It is the best tool in the front, and It has good wear resistance, and the cutting speed is about 120-300m/min. Its disadvantage is that the bending resistance can’t keep up with the high-speed steel, and it is especially afraid of vibration. Therefore, when we use cemented carbide tools, we must first lock them and check them carefully. If they can’t be installed for a long time, continue to work. This kind of carelessness is likely to damage the tools. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit of checking knives.