Honeycomb Technology completed the angel round of financing and became the latest Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise

On May 7, it is reported that Beijing Honeycomb Century Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Honeycomb Technology) has become the latest Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. Recently, Honeycomb Technology announced the completion of an angel round of financing, led by Xiaomi Technology and Shunwei Capital.

It is understood that Honeycomb Technology, established in October 2020, is an innovative hardware company focusing on personal consumer electronics products. The company is committed to exploring the relationship between technology and people in the future, so that technology can be more naturally integrated into daily life. According to incomplete statistics, there were 17 financings for smart hardware in the field of Hive Technology this year.

Xia Yongfeng, the founder of Honeycomb Technology, used to be the chief editor and editorial board member of “Commercial Value”. He also participated in the establishment of the product manager community “Geek Park”, and later joined Xiaomi to participate in the establishment of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Department, serving as the Vice President of Xiaomi Ecological Chain.

Xia Yongfeng currently holds 63% equity of Honeycomb Technology. Honeycomb Technology’s business scope includes: technology development, technology consultation, technology transfer, technology promotion, technical service; product design; Model design; software development; sales of communication equipment, household appliances, daily necessities, hardware Jiaodian, machinery and equipment, kitchen utensils, sanitary products, auto parts, Electronic products, rubber products.

Xiaomi Group, established in April 2010, is a mobile Internet company focusing on the research and development of smart hardware and electronic products. “Born for fever” is Xiaomi’s product concept. Xiaomi has pioneered a model of developing mobile operating systems using the Internet model, with enthusiasts participating in the development and improvement.

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