Shanghai, China, November 19, 2021 – Shanghai Hejian Industrial Software Group Co., Ltd. (Hejian Industrial Software for short) recently launched UniVista Advanced Prototyping System (UV APS), a flexible and scalable advanced FPGA prototyping system.

Hejian Industrial Soft Releases UniVista Advanced Prototyping System, an Advanced FPGA Prototyping System

Today, as intelligence continues to cover all aspects of life, hot high-tech applications such as supercomputing, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have become a must for high-performance and ultra-large-scale digital chips. The subsequent exponential increase in chip performance, integration, and complexity has brought dual challenges in terms of capital and time to chip verification. The UV APS product series can help customers to accelerate the verification progress and conduct software and hardware integrated development and testing in advance. Among them, the UVAPS-VU19P-Quad adopts 4 VU19P FPGA devices of the Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ series, supporting 20 devices in cascade. Compared with the prototype verification system based on the previous generation VU440 FPGA of Xilinx, the new VU19P series of UV APS brings customers an average 1.4x simulation speed and 1.6x increase in capacity, which greatly improves the efficiency of prototype verification. At the same time, UV APS also provides a wealth of FMC interface daughter cards to reduce the extra time and cost of designers in the verification stage; with the in-depth debugging solution, the test process is shortened and the chip comes out faster. UV APS is widely used in various high-end chip markets such as high-performance computing, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, communication networks, and GPUs.

UV APS has the following main features:

Supports prototyping and simulation of very large-scale ASICs and SoCs based on Xilinx’s new silicon platform

Provides high logic density and I/O count with industry-standard FMC connectors and dedicated high-speed serial connectors

Support multiple sets of cascades to achieve the goal of larger-scale prototype verification

· Support multi-slice segmentation

·Provide fast board customization services for a variety of vertical industry applications

Provide flexible hardware cloud services

Support mixed verification of virtual prototype and FPGA prototype system, providing plug-and-play system-level verification solutions

He Peixin, Chief Technology Officer of Hejian Industrial Software, said: “UV APS, as the first EDA prototype verification product series launched by Hejian Industrial Software, has passed the inspection of customers in the industry, and fully covers the needs of various verification scenarios. The rapid iteration of the product lays a solid foundation.”

As a one-stop IP and chip leader in China, Innosilicon said: “Hejian Gongsoft UV APS provides flexible and reliable platform support for the development, verification and testing of Innosilicon’s multiple high-end IPs, and provides hardware The private cloud customized service meets the needs of efficient collaboration among various R&D teams of Innosilicon and maximizes the use of platform resources. We look forward to the launch of more full-series products from Hejian Industrial Software to accelerate the development of various products of Innosilicon in the future. Fast time to market.”

  About Hejian Gongsoft:

Shanghai Hejian Industrial Software Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hejian Industrial Software), as an independent innovative high-performance industrial software and solution provider, takes the field of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) as the first breakthrough direction, and is committed to helping semiconductor Chip companies solve the severe challenges and key issues they face in the process of innovation and development, and become their trusted partners.

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