China Testing Navigation: “Xuanji” chip has been put into mass production

China Test Navigation recently stated on the interactive platform that the “Xuanji” chip developed by the company has been put into mass production this year and will be used for self-developed equipment and external sales. “Up to now, the “Xuanji” chip has not been sold to the outside world, and the company’s business strategy is primarily based on equipment for self-use.

After mass production, Xuanji” will greatly reduce the cost of the company’s GNSS products, modules, and boards, which can be used in surveying and mapping, navigation applications, automatic driving, drone aerial surveys, and agricultural machinery automatic navigation.

Founded in 2003, CTI Navigation is one of the leading companies in the domestic high-precision satellite navigation and positioning industry. The company provides products and solutions to traditional application industries such as surveying and mapping, land and land, as well as emerging fields such as smart cities, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence. At present, it has formed five major industries of spatiotemporal geographic information, unmanned intelligent systems, precision agriculture, digital construction, and commercial navigation. .

The latest research report pointed out that the Beidou industry has broad prospects, and self-developed chips will help the company to improve its competitiveness. The upstream of the satellite navigation industry chain includes chips, antennas, boards, etc., the midstream includes terminal integration and system integration, and the downstream is map navigation and other applications. Research chips and boards, leading the industry in technology and cost control.

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