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It is rumored that Toshiba will issue another price increase letter! Increase in January 2022

A few days ago, according to media reports, industry insiders said that Toshiba will increase some products in 2022, with an English price increase letter attached. The price increase letter… Read more »

Everything is future-oriented!Infineon will make a heavy appearance at Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition

September 8, 2021, Shanghai, China – On September 27, the three-day Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and Embedded System Exhibition (ELEXCON 2021) will be grandly opened. Infineon, the world’s leading semiconductor… Read more »

In the era of intelligent driving and navigation, Baidu’s unique thinking on “car building + open cooperation”

The prelude to the large-scale commercial implementation of Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving solution has begun. It won’t be long before people see production models with self-parking on the streets. On… Read more »

60% stake is valued at 1.97 billion, this semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturer may sprint for IPO

Ferrotec Holdings, a Japanese semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturer, recently announced that it will sell its core Chinese silicon wafer subsidiary Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ) 60% stake, and… Read more »

Talking about the application of CONTRINEX high pressure switch in water jet industry

1 Overview Kerui CONTRINEX Industrial Electronics is a well-known Swiss company specializing in the development, production and sales of sensors. The main product ranges include proximity switches, photoelectric switches, ultrasonic… Read more »

Series connection of op amps: how to achieve high precision and high output power at the same time

Engineers are often challenged with the constant need to develop new applications to meet a wide range of needs. In general, these requirements are difficult to satisfy simultaneously. For example,… Read more »