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Application Design of Three-Wire Synchronous Serial Communication Using Programmable Logic Device

“In the field of aerospace engineering, long-distance telemetry and remote control such as satellite-to-earth communication is one of the important functions of the embedded satellite digital tube computer. Using the… Read more »

China Mobile’s “fascinated behavior”: providing free 5G services for 4G mobile phone users, the answer is dumbfounding

On March 17th, in 2018, the concept of 5G was gradually mentioned and hotly discussed, and countries around the world have also invested in the construction of tense 5G infrastructure…. Read more »

Heavy!Chinese scientists have developed the world’s largest neuron-like brain-like computer, with a “brain volume” comparable to that of mice

Core things reported on September 2 that the development of brain-like computing technology in my country has ushered in a new milestone: the major achievements of the billion-level neuron brain-like… Read more »

Hejian Industrial Soft Releases UniVista Advanced Prototyping System, an Advanced FPGA Prototyping System

Shanghai, China, November 19, 2021 – Shanghai Hejian Industrial Software Group Co., Ltd. (Hejian Industrial Software for short) recently launched UniVista Advanced Prototyping System (UV APS), a flexible and scalable… Read more »

“Pegasus” broke through various mobile phone operating systems Apple was not spared: the French president urgently changed his mobile phone

KeywordSpyware According to CCTV reports, recently, an Israeli software monitoring company was revealed to have sold a mobile phone spyware called “Pegasus” to some countries. Not spared. At the same… Read more »

Under the epidemic situation, the Dawning EDU platform helps colleges and universities “suspend classes and keep learning”

Due to the need to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Ministry of Education has asked all localities to delay the start of school. Colleges and universities… Read more »

Official announcement! FF plans to be listed on Nasdaq, the first flagship model FF 91 has received more than 14,000 orders

   FF is finally waiting to be listed. On the evening of January 28, according to Reuters, the Faraday Future Automobile Company (“FF”) founded by Jia Yueting officially announced that… Read more »