Arm Mali-G77 GPU won The Linley Group’s 2019 Best Processor IP

January 21, 2020 – Arm today announced that the Arm Mali-G77 GPU has won the Best Processor IP award in The Linley Group’s 2019 Analysts’ Choice Awards.

The annual awards recognize top semiconductor products in seven different categories: AI accelerators, embedded processors, mobile processors, server/PC processors, processor IP cores, networking chips, and best-of-breed technologies.

“With the rise of 5G and AI, consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices for more operations, from high-performance mobile gaming to complex machine learning workloads,” said Paul Williamson, vice president and general manager of Arm’s End Products Group. tasks, so the computing demands on mobile devices are also

increasing day by day. He said, “It is a great honor to receive The Linley Group’s 2019 Best Processor IP Award, which is a great affirmation to Arm’s world-class Mali engineering team, who have not only greatly improved processor performance, but also solved the problem.” Increasingly diverse requirements that require computationally intensive tasks and allow developers to design for the most complex use cases. “

Mike Demler, senior analyst at The Linley Group, said: “We considered many IP cores during the 2019 Analyst’s Choice Awards selection process, and Mali-G77 has a number of architectural enhancements that stand out among many IP cores. In addition to achieving graphics performance Together with the significant improvement in energy efficiency, the Mali-G77 also enables mobile devices to gain significant benefits in AI applications.”

Mali-G77 is one of the latest high-end mobile IP products released by Arm in May 2019, and it is also Arm’s first high-end GPU based on its new Valhall architecture, which has nearly 40% more power than the previous generation Mali-G76. Performance improvement; at the same time, the performance in other areas has also been enhanced, including a 60% increase in machine learning performance, a 30% increase in power efficiency, and a 30% increase in performance density. High-end smartphones based on the Mali-G77 will start shipping this quarter.

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