A brief introduction to the 4 processes used in the ozone aging box

The ozone aging box produced by Linpin is to scientifically study the efficacy and regularity of active oxygen on vulcanized rubber, quickly evaluate and evaluate the anti-active oxygen aging performance of vulcanized rubber and the safety protection efficiency of anti-active oxygen agent, so as to take measures to prevent embrittlement. To improve the service life of rubber and plastic products.


The following is a brief and detailed introduction to the four processes of timing execution, startup, dynamic test and alarm temperature of the ozone aging box:

1. Timing execution setting of ozone aging box: When setting, it can be set according to the “+””-” buttons on the timer control Panel (H: hour, M: minute, S: second), such as 2 hours and 40 minutes, then Set “81H30”, turn on the timer switch after setting, press and hold the “ON” button of the switching power supply, then the machine equipment enters the high temperature temperature control operation, when the time is up, the machine equipment will automatically disconnect the switching power supply.

2. Start the active oxygen experiment of ozone aging box: turn on the green button to switch the power supply. Adjust the temperature of the test box to 50 degrees, and wait for the temperature of the test box to be stable. Return the active oxygen instrument panel to 0, and turn on the active oxygen button after 30 minutes. For the settings of the instrument panel, see the instrument panel manual; during the environmental humidity experiment, first check whether there is water in the small water tank, and there is no water in the water tank. Turn on the cold and wet button. Adjust the experimental instrument panel to the necessary experimental temperature, and turn on the cooling button. .

3. Dynamic experiment of ozone aging box: open the roulette button and the pull button, adjust the speed ratio according to the necessity, and open the exhaust pipe button when the active oxygen is discharged outdoors after the experiment is completed.

4. Ozone aging box alarm temperature setting: press the instrument panel setting key “get” for 5 seconds, and enter the inner panel of the instrument panel:

1. AL1 (Alarm 1): Usually AL1=SV+16℃, this alarm is effective at high temperature, no need to set at ultra-low temperature. Example: SV is 60℃, then AL1 is 63℃.

2. ATU (self-demagnetization): auto-tuning is turned off when it is listed in 0000, and 0001 is turned on. This machine usually does not need self-demagnetization when it is turned on. If a certain temperature value cannot be moved at a constant speed, it will turn on the self-demagnetization. During the whole process of self-demagnetization, the temperature in the box will fluctuate, which is a normal problem.

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