60% stake is valued at 1.97 billion, this semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturer may sprint for IPO

Ferrotec Holdings, a Japanese semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturer, recently announced that it will sell its core Chinese silicon wafer subsidiary Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ) 60% stake, and the transaction consideration reached about 29.6 billion yen (about 1.971 billion yuan).

According to the official website information, Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer was established in 2017. It is a joint venture between Ferrotec Holdings of Japan, Hangzhou Daiwa Thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Shenhe Thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in high-quality semiconductor silicon wafers for integrated circuits. R&D and manufacturing.

It is understood that Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer has 3 8-inch and 2 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafer production lines, of which the 8-inch production line is currently the largest and the most mature production line in China; the 12-inch production line is the first in my country with core technology. A truly mass-produced semiconductor wafer production line.

As an important semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturer in China, the receiver of Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer has also received great attention from the industry.

According to the press release, Ferrotec plans to sell a 60% stake in Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer to Chinese local governments and private investment funds.

According to the announcement, a total of 12 investment institutions (after revision) participated in the above-mentioned equity transfer, including Shanghai Xingcheng Capital, Tongling SASAC, Xiamen C&D Group, and the listed company YOFC, etc., but their equity interests are relatively scattered, and their respective holdings The ratios ranged from 1.25% to 16.4% (corrected).

However, Ferrotec’s sale announcement also pointed out that this equity sale is aimed at the listing of Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer on the Chinese stock market. As for whether the listing venue is the Science and Technology Innovation Board, which has been favored by semiconductor companies in recent years, it remains to be seen!


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