3 years to invest 270 billion Shanghai will focus on building new networks, new facilities, etc.

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Accelerating the construction of new infrastructure is an important means to expand effective investment and empower the development of the new economy. On April 27, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal Government reviewed and approved the “Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”).

On May 7, a press conference was held in Shanghai. Ma Chunlei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government and Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that in recent years, Shanghai has been focusing on technology innovation centers, comprehensive national science centers, new smart cities, and next-generation Internet demonstrations. The construction of cities, new-generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot areas, etc., and the layout of network infrastructure, data centers and computing platforms, and major scientific and technological infrastructure have been strengthened, and the overall level has remained domestically leading.

Among them, Shanghai’s network infrastructure construction level is “leading in China”. Continuous coverage of 5G networks in 16 districts of the city has been achieved. 15 industrial Internet industry platforms with national influence have been built, and more than 60,000 small and medium-sized enterprises have been driven to the cloud platform. In Jing’an, Jiading, Yangpu, Hongkou, Putuo and other districts, it took the lead in carrying out the million-scale deployment of the new urban Internet of Things.

The scale of data centers and computing platforms in Shanghai is “leading in China”. At present, the Internet data center has built more than 120,000 racks, and its utilization rate and service scale are in the first echelon in China. The city’s big data platform has accumulated a total of 34 billion pieces of data from more than 200 units in the city, and the overall data scale is leading in China.

The energy level of Shanghai’s major scientific and technological infrastructure is “leading in China”. There are 14 major national science and technology infrastructures that have been built or are under construction in Shanghai, leading the country in the number, investment amount and construction progress of major facilities.

Ma Chunlei introduced that the “Action Plan” issued this time is based on digital industrialization, industrial digitization, cross-border integration, and high-end branding, adheres to the integration of the new and the old, the overall planning of the near and far, the consideration of construction and use, and the coordination of government and enterprises, and provides guidance. Thought, action goals, 25 construction tasks and 8 safeguard measures for 4 major construction actions, 35 items of Shanghai version of “new infrastructure” have been formed, and the key areas of “new infrastructure” with Shanghai characteristics have been clarified.

The “Action Plan” will focus on the improvement of Shanghai’s urban functions and core competitiveness in the new era, as well as the requirements of new economic development, and clearly promote the four key areas of “new infrastructure” with Shanghai characteristics, namely “new network infrastructure” based on new generation network infrastructure. “construction”; “new facility” construction based on innovative infrastructure; “new platform” construction based on integrated and integrated infrastructure such as artificial intelligence; “new terminal” construction based on intelligent terminal infrastructure.

Ma Chunlei said that the specific action goal of the Action Plan is to make Shanghai the first to form an important influence in four aspects through three-year efforts, that is, to be the first to build a benchmark city for a new generation of information infrastructure; to be the first to form a global comprehensive scientific facility The prototype of the group; the first to build a super-large-scale urban public digital base with international influence; the first to build a first-class urban intelligent terminal facility network. By the end of 2022, the scale and innovation level of new infrastructure construction in Shanghai will be promoted to the international first-class level.

The four major construction actions of the Shanghai version of “New Infrastructure” include “New Network”, “New Facility”, “New Platform”, and “New Terminal”. , new facilities, new platforms, and new terminals will be deployed in an overall manner, and efforts will be made to improve the energy level of new infrastructure. After preliminary sorting out, the first batch of 48 major projects and engineering packages to be implemented in the next three years is expected to have a total investment of about 270 billion yuan. .

Specifically, in terms of “new network” building actions. Shanghai will grasp the global new round of information technology transformation and digital development trend, and take the lead in building the world’s leading new-generation network infrastructure layout. It mainly includes high-level construction of 50 and fixed-line “dual Gigabit” broadband networks, accelerating the deployment of industrial Internet clusters empowered by the entire network, and building more than 100 unmanned factories, unmanned production lines, and unmanned workshops to drive 150,000 enterprises to the cloud. platform; accelerate the large-scale deployment of the next-generation Internet; build a new government extranet and network security facilities; build a global information and communication hub.

In terms of “new facility” construction actions. Based on the construction of science and technology innovation centers and the “three highlands” of integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine, we will continue to improve the level of technological and industrial innovation infrastructure. Mainly include: accelerating the construction of large facilities such as hard X-rays, and conducting pre-research on next-generation photonic science facilities; striving for national support to deploy a new round of major scientific and technological infrastructure; building electron microscopy centers, advanced medical imaging integration innovation centers, and national integrated circuit equipment materials Several advanced industrial innovation infrastructures such as industrial innovation centers; around the direction of cutting-edge scientific research, layout and construction of major innovation platforms.

In terms of “new platform” construction actions. Shanghai will make full use of the massive data resources of super-large cities to build an urban all-factor data resource system to support all-round changes in urban governance. It mainly includes the construction of a new generation of high-performance computing facilities, and the creation of super-large-scale artificial intelligence computing and empowerment. Build a basic support platform for “one-stop service” for government services and “one-stop unified management” for social governance, and explore the construction of digital twin cities. Build medical big data training facilities, and support artificial intelligence companies to carry out deep learning and other algorithm training experiments. Explore the construction of an interconnected facility system in the Lingang New Area and a smart brain project in the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Area.

In terms of “new terminal” construction actions, Shanghai will accelerate the intelligent transformation of terminal infrastructure such as commerce, transportation, logistics, medical care, education, etc., focusing on the needs of cultivating new economy and expanding new consumption, mainly including: large-scale deployment of tens of millions of social governance Neuron sensing nodes; build 100,000 smart charging piles for electric vehicles; build a leading vehicle-road collaboration vehicle networking and smart roads; build a municipal-level public parking information platform; expand smart terminal distribution facilities, and promote smart vending machines and unmanned sales. Speed ​​up the layout of various smart retail terminals such as machine, smart micro vegetable market, and smart recycling station; build Internet + medical infrastructure; cultivate educational informatization application benchmark schools; build intelligent “sea and air” hub facilities; improve the construction of urban smart logistics infrastructure The fourth is to launch 8 major policies and measures for the Shanghai version of “new infrastructure”.

Ma Chunlei pointed out that to promote the “new infrastructure” with Shanghai characteristics, the government should guide, the market should be the main body, and major policy measures should be the guarantee. Improve rules and standards, foster market demand and other aspects to strengthen guidance, and create a good environment for social funds to increase investment in “new infrastructure”.

He said that in the future, Shanghai will make every effort to implement the 35 “new infrastructure”, seize the important opportunities brought by new infrastructure construction for industrial recovery and upgrading, promote the construction of “new networks” such as 5G at a high level, and continue to maintain “new facilities” international Competitiveness, speed up the construction of artificial intelligence and other “new harmony”, improve the “new terminal” layout of social governance and people’s livelihood services, focus on creating new supply to stimulate new demand, cultivate new kinetic energy, and lay a new foundation for Shanghai to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, build A new engine for high-quality economic development.

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