As countries implement policies that force automakers to reduce fuel consumption, vehicle lightweighting has become an important breakthrough for major automakers. In the overall plan for automobile development in “Made in China 2025”, it is also emphasized that “lightweight is still the top priority”, “lightweight” has become an important national strategy, and more and more research institutions and the automotive industry will The focus of its research work is on vehicle lightweighting. The 2022 Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and Shanghai International Wheel Industry Exhibition hosted by Reed Exhibitions will also set sail again from July 6 to 8. This exhibition will focus on the Display of materials, processing technology, auto parts, lightweight solutions and other related products related to automotive lightweighting, focusing on new materials, new technologies and new processes for automotive lightweighting.

Highlight 1: Resource sharing during the five exhibitions, centralized Display of the entire industry chain

It is understood that the 2021 Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and the Shanghai International Wheel Industry Exhibition will be held at the same time as the 16th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition. The three exhibitions have attracted a total of 20,105 domestic and foreign professional visitors during the same period, and more than 500 companies in the industry participated in the exhibition. In 2022, it will also be held in the same place as the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Materials Exhibition and the 17th Shanghai International Industrial Assembly and Transmission Technology Exhibition, to fully display the upstream and downstream related innovative technologies and technologies of the automotive industry chain. product.

As a focus on displaying lightweight raw materials, auto parts, processing technology and structural optimization and other related products and design solutions , Boao Magnesium Aluminum, Wanfeng Aowei, Lizhong Group, Kingfa Technology, Wanhua, Covestro, Shandong Double One, Grid and other enterprises actively participated.

Well-known domestic and foreign auto companies, new automakers, and parts manufacturers will also come to visit. The heads of core departments such as procurement, technology research and development, and management of vehicle and parts companies will visit and negotiate on site.

2022 Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and Shanghai International Wheel Industry Exhibition: “Lightweight” to go into battle, come as promised

Highlight 2: Professional subdivision forum to discuss industrial changes and trends together

Under the background of carbon emission reduction and the development of new energy, the new energy vehicle industry has entered a golden period of development. According to data released by the China Automobile Association, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in my country from January to November 2021 reached 2.99 million units, and it is expected that the development prospects of the new energy vehicle market will be bright in the future. In the face of the rise of new energy vehicles and the rapid changes in technology, in 2022, the organizer will specially plan the “Third Forum on Innovative Application of Automotive Lightweight Technology and Related Materials – New Energy Vehicles”, focusing on the concern of OEMs and parts companies We invite domestic first-tier OEMs and first-tier supporting enterprises to share with us and discuss the future solutions of lightweighting. Expand new elements of automotive lightweight.

The organizer of the exhibition will also join hands with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the Wheel Branch to hold the “Third Wheel Equipment Technology Exchange Conference” and “2022 Wheel Standard Training Conference”. At the same time, this exhibition will continue to hold the “Power of Colleges and Universities” activity, and invite domestic famous colleges and universities to participate in the “Second College Innovation Achievement Technology Exchange Conference and Innovation Achievement Exhibition Area” to discuss the innovative materials and processes of colleges and universities in automobile manufacturing. Achievements, focusing on showing the excellent cases of universities in the field of lightweight and the practical results of school-enterprise cooperation, bringing scientific research results into practice through the “University Power” activity, promoting the integration process of “industry-university-research”, and promoting the positive development of the industry. The tight collection of lightweight key core technologies promotes the rapid implementation of key technologies.

Highlight 3: Create a lightweight innovation area again, covering a variety of materials and technologies

In order to achieve the development goal of “low energy consumption” in the automobile industry, on the premise of ensuring the performance of the automobile, “reducing the weight” of the automobile has become an urgent issue for the automobile industry. tuyere”. The organizer will continue to build the “Fourth Lightweight Innovation Achievement Exhibition Area”, which has attracted many companies including Beifang Lingyun, Chinalco Ruimin, Kunfu, Yuli, Aosheng, and Kenuo to appear in the exhibition area. Jointly display innovative automotive lightweight technologies and application products.

At the same time, this exhibition will cooperate with China Composites Industry Association to jointly create a “Automotive Lightweight Composite Materials Zone”, focusing on the development of composite materials in automotive body structure and parts and the application of composite material design concepts in automotive lightweighting. Innovative applications, jointly explore low-cost material systems and low-cost manufacturing process development opportunities, and provide automotive users with more diversified material choices!

Highlight 4: Subdivide the different needs of buyers, and carry out online and offline trade matching throughout the year

2022The Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and Shanghai International Wheel Industry Exhibition will subdivide the registered visitors, and provide 365-day supplier recommendation and introduction services throughout the year based on the audience’s purchasing needs and products of interest, so as to select high-quality suppliers for enterprises. At the same time, the organizer will also invite domestic and foreign well-known vehicle enterprises, parts supporting enterprises and other end users with purchasing decision rights to conduct one-on-one exchanges and negotiation with exhibitors, and carry out the “Automotive Purchasing Project Matchmaking Conference – Aluminium Lightweight Special Session” , “Export Trade Matching Meeting”, to build an online and offline business exchange platform to help exhibitors and visitors connect efficiently, and bring efficient and win-win exhibition and visit benefits to exhibitors and visitors.

2022The Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and the Shanghai International Wheel Industry Exhibition have fully set sail, and the audience’s “online pre-registration” has been fully opened. You can pre-register online through the official website, WeChat and other methods to meet industry leaders and professionals July Shanghai, to discuss new opportunities for the future development of automotive lightweight!

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