Yageo’s mergers and acquisitions make a comeback, to build an aluminum capacitor super factory

Yageo’s mergers and acquisitions have not stopped. On May 5, Kaimei, an aluminum electrolytic capacitor factory under Yageo, announced that from mid-May last year to the present, it has bought… Read more »

Optimizing Automotive Infotainment and Infocomm Systems with FPGA Coprocessors

High-end automotive infotainment systems that integrate data communications, local services and video entertainment functions require high-performance programmable processing technology support. Integrating FPGA co-processors into mainstream automotive infotainment system architecture is… Read more »

5V input boost architecture two series lithium battery charge management chip SGM41528

[Introduction]With the continuous improvement of the output power of Electronic products, the output power provided by a single battery can no longer meet the needs of these high-power products. Therefore,… Read more »

International | Russia comprehensively strengthens national information security construction

With the introduction and implementation of the new version of Russia’s National Security Strategy, Russia has reassessed and repositioned the scope of national security in the next five years or… Read more »

Frontier | Research on the Status Quo of App Collection and Use of Facial Information

Face recognition is a kind of biometric identification technology based on human facial feature information. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition technology has developed rapidly. In 2020,… Read more »